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KMG is formed of individual seperate subsidiaries designed to split and compartmentalise workload and logistical approaches to band management, recording and production, finances and funding, tour and concert planning, promotional material and other related creative works.

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KMG Records is KMG's independently run record company dedicated to the planning and release of works from the band, 'KYROS' and other related musical outlets from band members. The organisation of work related to record release such as release promotion, distribution and pressing are also performed through this subsidiary.

To contact KMG Records, please head to the contact page at the top of this website.
KMG Creative is dedicated to the management and organisation of related social media accounts, websites, domain names and self-produced music videos and artwork and also provides contact towards external promotions and creative material companies for artwork, videos and other promotional material.
KMG Finances is a subsidiary dedicated to the control, organisation and management of financial accounts and funding related to both the band 'KYROS' and related creative works and outlets.
KMG Touring, formerly known as Synaesthesia HQ is a subsidiary dedicated to management and control of touring logistics, concert organisation, concert promotion and the outsourcing of work related to these activities to external touring companies, tour managers and transportation organisation.
KMG Management is a professional music management front for the band, 'KYROS'. This subsidiary is primarily run by Adam Warne and the rest of the group and performs the day to day management of the band and provides overarching business control over all of KMG's other multiple subsidiaries.

Planning, contact, contractual agreements, KMG and KYROS related work outsourcing and other business related activities must first go through KMG Management. To make contact, please head to the contact page found on this website.
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